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Why Should I Use a Locksmith for Key Duplication?

When you think, "Where can I find a key maker near me?", it might be tempting to head to your local hardware or big box store. In the past decade, key duplication kiosks have even popped up as a convenient option for people on the go.

Unfortunately, there's a downside if you choose convenience over quality, such as:

•         Incorrectly cut keys
If the incorrect blank is used to create a key, it won't open your lock.

•         Demage to lock mechanisms
A poorly cut key can cause damage to internal locking mechanisms or get stuck and break off inside a lock, which will ultimately cost more to replace.

•         Unable to determine if the original key is worn
Sometimes the problem isn't how a key is cut, but rather the condition of the original key. If the original key (master key) is very old it may have been worn down over time. Only a very experienced key maker with an eye for detail would be able to notice this nuance.

•         No warranty or insurance on the key duplicates
If for any reason your key breaks or doesn't work, don't expect to seek repairs or replacements furnished by a big box store. You're simply out of luck.

The lesson here is this: If you need duplicate keys, make sure you work with a licensed, insured locksmith to get a perfectly cut key the first time.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Talk to any one of our satisfied customers and you'll know instantly why we're premier key duplication service in Wheaton, IL. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding customer support, reliable service and quality craftsmanship. Our company is proud to say we've been verified by 1-800-Unlocks and we're active members of ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America), the Greater Chicago Locksmith Association, and the Society of Professional Locksmiths.

24 hour Yankees locksmith offers a full line of services for residential customer needs: Re-keys, Lock-outs, opening locks which have no keys and making keys for them, repairing locks which are still serviceable. 24 hour Yankees locksmith services both contemporary locks as well as antique locks used for home, cabinets, and other furniture items. 24 hour Yankees locksmith also serves customers wanting push-button and combination door and furniture locks for key-less convenience.

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If you Google "key maker near me," 24 hour Yankees locksmith will be one of the very first listings you see. We have a high search ranking beacause we're a professional key maker with a reputation for quality service. Our highly trained technicians use state of the art key machines and we keep them calibrated and maintained for maximum accuracy so your duplicate keys work perfectly every time.

Whether your house key is cracking, split, or worn out, 24 hour Yankees locksmith is the local Wheaton, IL key maker you can trust. Wondering about the cost of house keys or where to get keys cut? Call us for more information.

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